Healing Through Art


Course Facilitator: Karin Werner

30 April – 13 May  2011
30 July -12 August   2011

When we experience life as a work of art, the process of creating becomes part of our conscious, ongoing human development.

Life is sustained through enthusiasm for life and ‘the will to do’ (Assagioli). Both of these qualities can be accessed more easily through artistic work than through most other activities, and they seem instrumental in finding health, purpose, self-esteem and fulfillment in life. Healing can occur when we take the responsibility for our creation, accepting it and appreciating it unconditionally. One of the main goals of the training is to develop and refine artistic skills which cultivate and express the above qualities.

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If we all were to claim our creative faculties, what a different world it would be!

Art work is the leading medium in Healing through Art. We create pathways for well being and health through our ongoing connection with the creative source. We strengthen our capacity to form new patterns in life and to trans-form old ones; we accept and appreciate our efforts to live life as creators.

When fully acknowledged, the act of creating fosters the awareness of joyful inner mobility through colour, line and form. It brings healthy contrast, increasing confidence and can offer a fresh outlook onto new horizons in life.

In this approach we connect the artistic seeing with vital aspects of seeing ourselves and the world. There will be common ground for budding and accomplished artists alike.

Tuition and support is given to practice painting, drawing and sculpting playfully and deeply, and to connect the arts with self, nature and inner work. There is time for reading and studying as well as keeping a sketchbook journal for reflection and integration.

The course is non-residential and takes place at the new Moray Art Centre at the Park.

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'I have talked non-stop since I got back about how excellent the course was. I have made my spare room into a studio, and put up most of my pictures. I feel really inspired. M. D.
You have led me into a new world. Thank you so much.'

'Thank you for helping me to remove the pressure I felt with art and to see the enjoyment and fun again. I have a completely different outlook on my creativity.' L.M


£675 for those with low income
£790 for those with medium income
£890 for those with high income
Tuition, venue, art materials, lunches and dinners are included in the price.

You can apply online

For further information email us or visit Karin's website

For advice on accommodation please apply to the Findhorn College as early as possible. (Also see the list of private accommodation)

The Foundation Course gives the incentive to establish personal artistic practice firmly for ongoing learning and development. It is certificated and CPD approved

Frequently asked Questions:

Is the “Healing Through Art” appropriate for me?

There is ample scope and challenge for budding and accomplished artists alike. Tuition and support is given to practise painting, drawing, and sculpting with clay, playfully and deeply. Our purpose is to increase the ability to see more clearly -- through art making. Selected themes for the art work and the different art materials are the leading tools throughout the Healing through Art training courses. The training aims to foster the development of an inner sense of flexibility and movement through colour, line, and form in their respective expression.

Wherein lies the healing in art ?

Taking a first step to explore something new can be difficult. Human beings are creative all the time in their effort to live life. By taking a further step towards “I am an artist” we connect with the mysterious inner urge to create; and this act brings us closer to the discovery of “who I am” and “what is my purpose in life”. It is about learning where the inner strength “to do” and “to create” can be found.

Being willing to reach out for a piece of chalk, to make a part of self visible on a piece of paper resonates much deeper than most other activities. This can be healing in itself. Healing here is seen as a positive process to experience a sense of wholeness, balance and peace, no matter what the outer circumstances of life. Often the outer circumstances seem to dictate how we express ourselves. Instead, we can become visible and responsive from a healing place. Art is the ideal path. In its focus it is very closely related to the processes of nature, including human nature, because it encourages the freedom to experience every sense perception, feeling or thought that arises.

Can it not also be upsetting, disturbing or frightening?

We are presented with upsetting images every day, therefore our own art making can support us in creating a healthy balance. Disturbing images are often stored in the unconscious psyche. In Healing through Art it is not the intention to enforce, analyse or interpret such images; the emphasis is on creating a healing space and awareness through the artistic activity itself. Sometimes the task is to let go of the excitement which may attract us to damaging images, but not to suppress any authentic feelings. Initially by working with colour and the formless in art, we open a new space for timeless existence and spiritual insight which is a source of strength and resilience.

How does it relate to art therapy?

Art, in all its subtlety, can greatly influence physical health as well as emotional states of the mind. Any image, whether figurative or abstract, symbolic or a simple colour patch, leaves an imprint on the human organism at a certain moment in time. Art largely operates beyond verbal explanation, unless there is an explicit urge to combine word art with drawing or painting. Therefore all art, with the right intention, is therapeutic. It is empowering and it strengthens inner resources to overcome difficulties in life, but more importantly, it generates a delicious taste of what it is to be. It needs facilitation by an artist who is actively involved in art making, who can understand, assist, encourage, support, and/or instruct as necessary.

Does the healing part involve energy balancing, colour healing or spiritual laying on of hands?

No, although applying compositional aspects, like different colour combinations, harmonious transitions etc., does have a healing effect. It regulates the system via the visual and other sense perceptions. These processes work on us in any case and can be made conscious.

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