On The Money
How to design successful Community Currencies

with John Rogers & Leander Bindewald
featuring Peter North, Susan Witt and Richard Logie

3 – 7 September, 2011, The Park, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland

“The On the Money Course (2010) gave me education, connections and inspiration
beyond my wildest dreams”

Stephanie Rearick, Director, Dane County Time Bank, Wisconsin, US

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Our money system is in crisis. We can try to reform a broken system or we can design new ones to support the transition to a sustainable society. Local money gives us a proven tool to deal with the effects of financial crises, community breakdown, climate change and peak oil. It supports communities to use their own assets to solve local problems, meet local needs and achieve local goals: everything from community gardens to renewable energy and local economic regeneration.

Money and Soul . Learning Englsih

This five day workshop introduces you to the essential design skills for creating resilient community currencies that last. Together we'll discover the wealth at the heart of our communities and learn how to mobilise it to benefit everyone.

We will use many different resources to support our learning journey together:
QUOTES from great thinkers and activists to inspire us; STORIES to motivate us; QUESTIONS to stimulate our thinking; MODELS, METAPHORS & PROCESSES to frame, guide and channel our design work; GAMES to stimulate our creativity; GUEST SPEAKERS to inform and teach us and EACH OTHER to energise, provoke and support us to grow into our collective potential.


£450/£525/£650 low/medium/high income (residential)
£360 (non-residential)

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John Rogers John Rogers has worked with community currencies since 1993, both as volunteer organiser and professional promoter. He co-founded the Wales Institute for Community Currencies at the University of Newport and now offers consulting and training to emergent systems from his base in Germany.
Leander Bindewald

Leander Bindewald unites an academic background in neurobiology, ecology, philosophy and economics with work experience on 4 continents. He is currently assisting various community currency projects at the Brussels Hub and Madison, USA

Guest presenters

In person:
Peter North
–is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Liverpool, specialising in local economic development.  He has been researching community currencies for 20 years and is author of the Green Books publication,
'Local Money: How to Make it Happen in Your Community': www.liv.ac.uk/geography/staff/north.htm

Richard Logie is founder and director of one of the UK's most successful Trade Exchange Networks, the Business Exchange in Aberdeen. He is former chairman of the International Reciprocal Trade Association and promoter of the GETS software for local currency systems: www.4xuk.com/

By video-conference:
Susan Witt
- was until recently the Executive Director of the E. F. Schumacher Society in the US, seeing through its transition to the New Economics Institute in which she now serves as Interim Director. She was part of the team that created the Berkshires community currency in Massachusetts, US: www.berkshares.org

Participants 2010
Participants in On The Money 2010

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