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Findhorn Foundation College offers comprehensive support to researchers and independent study students who wish to undertake bespoke visits to the Findhorn learning centre, community and eco-village project.

Independent Research & Study is a Findhorn Foundation endorsed programme that provides practical forums assisting academic research enquiry with a focus on Community, Humanistic & Spiritual studies.

Participants co-design their schedule in this residential field study visit within the Findhorn Foundation community, with opportunities to live along side community members and join in the daily rhythms -- thus creating access points to myriad fields of community studies that can be found in this world renowned experiment.

Upon successful application, participants are assigned a Findhorn based academic collaborator who supports the design of the learning pathway. Aligned with the participant's research/ independent study objectives, the learning pathway acts as the central river into which all Research/Study activities flow.

Participants will select a mixture of experiential learning activities, fine tune the perimeters of their data collection requirements and agree to regular meetings with their academic collaborator, alongside scheduling sufficient solo-study and integration time.

Findhorn Foundation College Independent Study is made possible from February to November each year from 1 to 14 weeks in length. Long term residential participants are offered the opportunity to include a variety of programmes relevant to the learning path objectives from the Findhorn Foundation's brochure.


The cost of joining an Independent Study at Findhorn is dependant on the length of visit, residential requirements, research expectations, learning objectives and availability and willingness of Community members. Each application will be offered a price once evaluated.
Anticipate that the fee will range between £250 - £500 per week **

The fee will include arrangements and overall hosting; introductions to key community members relevant to the field of study or research; scheduling of interviews and meetings with individual or panel of community members; payment to community members for their time and expertise offered; weekly supervision meetings with Findhorn College supervisor; access to office space; meals in the Community Centre; tours; lectures; transport and site visits. (Long distance interviews can be arranged).

Cost may range between £2,000 - £5,000 (for up to a 3 month stay)
** Please note that accommodation is not included into this fee.


Accommodation is arranged for you in a Community members' home (Bed and Breakfast style) at cost of approximately £250 per week.

Or, if you to take part in a Findhorn Foundation or College course, accommodation is shared with course participants as part of the course fee and includes all meals.


Breakfast is taken in your residence, whether in a Community members home or in Findhorn Foundation or College course accommodation.
Lunch and dinner meals will be served in the Community Centre.

Internet Access

Is available in the accommodation and at various hot spots in the Community. In some cases office provision can be created and included into overall independent study/research costing.

Application Requirements

As part of the application process participants are asked to introduce themselves and their research or study project in a comprehensive application, which should include submitting the following information:

• The exact dates you wish to independently study or research at Findhorn.

• A document confirming your university enrolment in the form of a letter written by your supervisor, supporting your intention to research at Findhorn.

• Provide the outline proposal submitted by you to your supervisor/s.

If your proposal does not include the following then please provide a document that includes:

In-depth information that clearly states your learning objects;
Methodology of data collection;
A list of topics you wish community members to engage with;
The characteristics and population of community members you wish to interview (age, gender, profession, experience, length of time living at Findhorn etc);
The estimated number of community members you wish to interview;
Some forms of research enquiry will benefit from participation in the Findhorn Foundation Essential programmes, workshops and /or Living Education Service departments. We will want to know if intend to participate any of these experiential learning opportunities.

• Your university or College's ethics of study or research policy that you have signed.

• Your passport photo and details scanned.

• £100 application fee which will be considered a deposit, once an application is accepted.

• Evidence or a description of how you will fund your time at Findhorn; this is especially true for non-EU citizens and required for your short term study visa.

You will be asked to consider and agree to the following within your application

* Ethical conduct whilst collecting data whether engaging with Findhorn Foundation guests or Community members.

* Offer community member interviewed a copy of their interview transcript.

* Allow a Findhorn College representative review your interpretations of the Findhorn Foundation, College or Community before your final written document is submitted to my University, College or a Journal.

* Where applicable be willing to share research or study findings to a select group of Findhorn Foundation College co-workers and invited guests.

For more information contact or apply now.

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