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February 2011

‘If I had an hour to solve a problem and life would depend on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.’
Albert Einstein

Mid February and the new year is well ahead. Its still icy here but the snowdrops are sending a message that nature’s cycle is moving on in good time.

Peacebuilders Seminar
April 9 - 16th

Findhorn College is keen to host Isabelle Duquesne back into our community. Isabelle came to Findhorn as a young woman and lived here for 12 years in the 70’s and 80’s. In the late 1980’s when her boys were still small, she was inspired to leave Findhorn and take up her work into the world. She founded and ran a consultancy and training business offering language and communication skills to businesses in Germany and France. While subtly embedding Findhorn/Holistic values into her seminars for business, she wanted to promote peace and collaboration more explicitly in her life work.

Isabelle’s thirst for effectiveness and knowledge lead her to continue her own education while coaching others. To this end she secured an MA in Peace Studies as well as an MBA, and then continue her research by taking on a full PhD in International Diplomacy, using her work in Nepal as a case study.

For the past four years Isabelle has spent time as a lecturer at Kathmandu University; and while in Nepal lead “Zone of Peace’ dialogues and seminars offering her approach to the constitutional support for peace and collaboration within Nepal and the 103 tribal and ethnic communities. Nepal has powerful neighbors along its borders and promoting peaceful relations internationally is also important.

Upcoming is the first workshop that Isabelle offers to Findhorn; we anticipate it will develop into a more comprehensive and regular feature in our annual schedule.

As Findhorn College we aim to straddle the worlds and learn to apply our principles and values in every day real world situation. Isabelle has first hand experience in a variety of multi-cultural settings and has developed many methods and approaches to the challenges of Peace Building. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone within our community who would benefit from professional training and coaching in conflict transformation from the angle of communication and mediation skill building.

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More News:

Preparations for this year’s first Learning English in Community facilitated by Harula Ladd are well on the way. This is the first of three courses that run in 2011. With participants from Chile and France we are awaiting a rich mix of cultures.

The Findhorn Community Semester started on Saturday the 19th and the Park Building is buzzing with energy of the new group of US participants.

The “ Challenge of Human Sustainability” has a new team of facilitators, with Andrea Marcus joining Melissa Godbeer as a full-time Community Focaliser.

Graham Meltzer, another local community member, has joined the team to lead the Applied Sustainable Eco-village Living course. Lisa Shaw and Gill Emslie continue to contribute with their experiences in Exploring Self and Community Through the Arts and in Group Dynamics courses. We are wishing them all lots of incredible experiences and graceful journey through the landscape of learning.

Findhorn Community Semester

Findhorn Community Semester Spring 2011

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