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June 2011

"How am I going to live today
in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?"
Tony Robins

Karin Werner is running her last course of Healing Through Art this coming August.  She has been enriching the College course and the lives of many people for over 10 years and has now decided to embark on a new journey of artistic expression and healing.
Karin Werner

In her own words: “Art making is bigger than I can comprehend; it belongs to all humanity and gives a glimpse into the future: an uninterrupted flow of movement, discovery, more movement, learning, beautiful mistakes, surprise and wonder.  These states make life precious and our body-mind happy. The most suitable name for what I have been teaching and sharing for many years is Healing through Art.  Healing gives context to our immersion in the act of creating, it provides self-forgetfulness and self-knowledge, and so we learn to practice life's artistic skills.” 

We would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to this amazing woman, artist, and therapist.  May this new period of her life be filled with happiness and new opportunities, and may many still benefit from the gifts she offers.


Co-Creative Healing  - Deepening your Healing Presence
We are delighted to run this course for those who work in the healing professions.
Facilitated by Maria Olsthoorn - a Barbara Brennan Healer who has completed the Barbara Brennan Science Advanced Studies. With a rich background in the Arts and Natural Therapies, Maria is also a supervisor for therapists and a group process facilitator.
Her co-facilitator, Javier Rodriguez, has been working as a Psychotherapist, workshop leader and coach for over 25 years. He is a qualified Gestalt Therapist and passionate about the personal transformation process and the healing potential groups.
The course consists of six residential weeks over a year with ongoing supervision.  To find out more, go to


On the Money - How to design successful Community Currencies
Local money gives us a proven tool to deal with the effects of financial crises, community breakdown, climate change and peak oil. It supports communities to use their own assets to solve local problems, meet local needs and achieve local goals: everything from community gardens to renewable energy and local economic regeneration. This five-day workshop introduces you to the essential design skills for creating resilient community currencies that last. Together we’ll discover the wealth at the heart of our communities and learn how to mobilise it to benefit everyone.
To read more, go to

Findhorn College courses in 2012
The college team has been working on the 2012 calender, which will be released on our website soon. In 2012, apart from our educational activities, we will also be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Findhorn Community. Do join us in the festivities and a vast array of exciting events!
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