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The Findhorn College Newsletter July 2012 

"A man who never made a mistake never tried anything new."
Albert Einstein

Dear friends,
Findhorn is a very busy place at the moment and the cycles of new beginnings and completion are at high speed. In this special year of Findhorn's 50th birthday we have just celebrated mid summer with little sunshine sadly but the sound of wedding bells.

Last Friday Karl and Kasia had a beautiful wedding ceremony in the Universal Hall. Karl has just completed his first term as FCS focaliser and we are sending love and blessings to him and Kasia as they are travelling to Poland on their honey moon and starting a new chapter in their journey together.


FCSHuman Challenge of Sustainability Spring semester has recently ended and we have said goodbye to 13 women who have been studying in Findhorn for the last 14 weeks. We wish them all a future filled with Grace and Inspiration. It has been a wonderful journey, with many new experiences, new friendships, in the sunshine and in the rain.

"This was a great holistic course that allowed for growth on many levels in my life and I am grateful to be taking all of this with me into the "real world" :)

"I think that what you're doing here is brilliant in so many ways. There will always
be complaints; there will always be something to fix. Each group has different
needs and this is so hard to plan for in advance. However, I fully believe that
you're doing the best you can and I can personally say that I've learned here in
three months than I have in 2.5 years of college.”

Co Creative Healing - a BIG success!!!

Rose“It is by far the biggest awakening I ever had.” 
“I feel so different deep within myself, such a sense of well being growing, it's amazing.”
“My life has changed for good.”
“I experience myself as a totally different practitioner, I am so much more present with my patients.”

We've just completed the first year of our new training, Co Creative Healing - Deepening Healing Presence, and judging from the feedback of our participants it has been a big success.
The training offers a deep personal transformation through a combination of deep self-enquiry, energy medicine consciousness, perceiving the subtle realms, co-creation with nature, learning skills for hands on healing, somatic experience (cellular consciousness) and sequencing; the release of deeply held pain and limitation in the body-mind, giving space to the experience and expression of our unique divine core, growing deeper into our life task and into service to life. It is a rich mix of Findhorn Foundation principles, Energy Healing Science, Body-Mind consciousness and the evolution and involution of our humanity.

Maria Olsthoorn

Co Creative Healing course director

More info about the next training.

English in Community  - it happening now

Cluny"Although the current English in Community course started on Saturday 9th June, a number of participants arrived on the Friday, and tasted their first experience of life in Scotland (as well as meeting me, one of their teachers) with an evening of Scottish country dance I led in the ballroom at Cluny. Now two weeks in, this group of amazing people are opening up, both to a deeper knowledge of the English language, and to all sorts of aspects of themselves. Working on this course is sheer delight for me – even in the midst of the challenges that naturally arise during it. The thing that stands out for me this time round is the laughter, and the love that has grown between the seventeen of us who make up the Learning English in Community community." 
James Pretlove, English in Community course facilitator 

BIOMIMICRY - Innovation Inspired by Nature

DomeThere are still spaces left on the Biomimicry training that we run in August, together with the Biomimicry Institute from the US. You will learn from local plants, animals, and ecosystems while exploring tidal bays, rivers, forests, and heather dunelands on the fringe of the Scottish highlands. Then you will return home with a plan for incorporating biomimicry education into your own curricula and programs as well as a toolkit of supporting resources.

Latest video invitation here.
More info about the training.


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Wishing you all a great summer!
Your Findhorn College Team

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