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The Findhorn Foundation College News July 2016

The glorious golden gorse is receding fast as patches of vivid magenta heathers are blooming in our hinterlands and dunes.. I enjoy walking out there almost every day, as we now have a dog, named Dune who loves to run and run and run in the open spaces.

Recently, two visiting American undergraduate groups spent much of their time outdoors as well, in the forest garden project of Hinterland and elsewhere around The Park ecovillage and Scottish countryside. Students with Centre for Ecological living and Learning and Northern Arizona University gained credit while exploring ecovillage values and practices as part of our 'Field study visit' study pathway. I am heartened to witness their caring attitudes and commitment to environmental regeneration and cultural reforms.

Design for Sustainability

PDCThis year the Faculty of the Design for Sustainability (Findhorn's EDE ) have been busy revising our emphasis within the course. We remain true to the learning outcomes specified by Gaia Education and bring a sharper focus to project design thinking and the "how to" : a) effectively lead change projects, b) collaborate and c) articulate the vision -- as we see these are the most needed skills to nurture.

Our upcoming 5 week course in October encourages personal skills development in an enjoyable and informative context. Download PDF with more information

Transformation Game and Frameworks Coaching Process

The Planetary Game recently played in the Universal Hall next door emphasised presence and authenticity – so needed in our world today. The follow-on Advanced Game training was offered by Mary Inglis along with Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler – closer to the source of the Transformation Game you cannot get ! This December we offer the Frameworks Coaching Process, a unique stand-alone Transformation Game inspired tool available to coaches, consultants and trainers for use with clients in the workplace. Transformation Game Facilitator Training is full; places available in 2017.

Reiki trainings level one and two

New for FF College are Reiki trainings level one and two. "Reiki" (ray-key) translated as 'universal life energy' is known as a healing technology for stress reduction and relaxation and is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. Findhorn's residential Reiki Masters Jacqueline Buckingham and Melissa Godbeer will guide participants through practice, theory and the initiation processes. Participants will learn this ancient art of self applied healing through a variety of indoor taught sessions, discussions and outdoor exercises.

Learning English in Community

Last year Learning English in Community faculty strengthened the delivery of the course curriculum within British Accreditation Council standards and organised the resources for the course accordingly, which has served our participants and teachers very well. Whilst the main of this course is for participants to improve their spoken English, learning about the self and community is always a bonus element.

The Permaculture Design Certificate course is now an annual feature

PDCPDC LogoThe second Permaculture Design Certificate led by community members Craig Gibsone and Gabrielle Buist is on now. Participants are guided through the 12 Permaculture principles, ethics and considerations. Countries represented in the participant co-hort are travelling in FROM Hong Kong, New Zealand, U.S.A, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and England !


The beauty of the north shore Moray Firth by Geoff Dalglish


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