'Harnessing Community Energies'
Optimising the Benefits of Renewable Energy


Thursday 4th of  June 2015 in Findhorn, Scotland
Evening  session with Lesley Riddoch  4th of June
An Ecovillage Seminar on 5th June 2015

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Agenda "Harnessing Communtiy Energies"
Agenda "Ecovillage Seminar"
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Invitation and overview

We warmly welcome you to attend our conference

"Harnessing Community Energies"

This dissemination conference is for researchers, local authority and housing association delegates, academics, community representatives and industrial partners with an interest in optimising community scale renewable energy.

Living Machine Findhorn Ecovillage

Alongside presenting the findings of the ORIGIN research, we feature complimentary projects specialising in integrating renewables and in end-user engagement to improve 'energy' usage behaviour.

The event highlights innovative projects with invited keynote speakers; and, also features Open Space technology. Open Space technology is designed to enable participating delegates a chance to follow their interests, to create opportunities to share results, probe findings, ask questions and consider ways forward together. As part of the booking process, we encourage you to highlight areas of interest specifically in the areas of community energy and engagement.

ORIGIN is an FP7 funded project developing a sophisticated intelligent end-user engaged system for the management of energy in three designated eco – communities; Findhorn in Scotland, Damanhur in Italy and Tamera in Portugal. Led by Heriot Watt University, the ORIGIN research aims to orchestrate the energy demand within the settlements to improve the synchronisation of residents' energy demand requirements to local renewable generation.

Universal Hall Wind Turbines

This is a special opportunity to share good practice, experience and results, in the beautiful and relaxed setting of the Findhorn ecovillage.

Findhorn conferences provide an informal atmosphere that naturally encourages networking and discovery.

Agenda "Harnessing Community Energies"

Thursday 4th June 2015

8:45 Registration OPENS Universal Hall, The Park Findhorn Café open for complimentary coffee and teas

9.30 Welcome to Findhorn, Mari Hollander & Michael Shaw (Findhorn Hosts)

OPENING REMARKS Alex Walker, Financial consultant to social enterprise and community renewables based at Findhorn

10.00–11:00 Integration of Renewables
1) Orchestrating Community Energy - ORIGIN - Dr Edward Owens
2) Energy customers and Smart Systems - e-balance - Dr Krzysztof Piotrowski and Wojciech Ciemniewsk.
3) Application of Demand Response to Islanded Communities - Dr Andrew Peacock
Q&A to panel

11-11:30 tea and coffee BREAK

11:30 – 12:30 End User Engagement
1) Community engagement with ORIGIN - Paddy Atkinson, Findhorn's Project Engineer
2) Technical and social issues in home automation technologies for social housing inhabited by senior citizens - Dr Michael Danson
3) Practicing change, changing Practices - Tom Roberts, PhD, Smart Communities Research, Kingston University
Q&A to panel

12:30 - 13:30 LUNCH

13:45 - Creating the Open Space Options
14:00 - 15:00 - Open Space Break Out sessions
15:00- 15:30 Tea Break
15:30 - 16:30 Open Space Break Out sessions
16:30 - Universal Hall Wrap up
Open Forum for comments and questions
18:00 - Dinner
20:00 - Universal Hall

Guest Speaker - Lesley Riddoch

We welcome you to stay and take part in our follow on seminar
Ecovillage Seminar

Friday 5th June 2015

9:15-12:30 Ecovillage innovations - Findhorn, Tamera and Damanhur
Including an ORIGIN tour of Findhorn
Also at Findhorn to view and engage:
Living machine - water treatment and reuse, Community wind park
Eco homes,
Local development trusts as investment vehicle with local currencies,
Car Share club and electric car use,
Local food production

Added Afternoon session
Biomass and District heating systems at Findhorn

Fee Options
Day attendance
Full Fees:
"Harnessing Communtiy Energies": £45 individual / £65 Organisation w/ Dinner + £7.50
Friday 5 June - "Ecovillage Seminar" - Add £35.00 includes lunch

50% deposit holds place in our accommodation
Overnight options - Accommodation with all meals

Fees for One night
£40 Twin room shared including evenings meals
£65 Single Room including evenings meals

Fees for Two nights
£80 Twin room shared including evenings meals
£120 Single Room including evenings meals

Fees for three nights
£120 twin sharing including evenings meals
£180 single room including evenings meals

To attend Harnessing Community Energies, please complete the Application Form
Enquiries by e-mail: admin@findhorncollege.org

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