Academic Partnership

"There is a very high potential for institutional synergy between ecovillage-based ‘living and learning centres’ and universities aiming to create up-to-date, participatory and engaging courses in sustainable development." Dr. Daniel Wahl

WindturbinesThe Findhorn Foundation ecovillage is a superb sustainability field study site for a number of reasons.

Amongst them are: its community owned wind park; community currency and community businesses, extensive eco-housing stock; community supported agriculture, sustainable transport scheme, diverse renewable energy use; ecological sewage treatment facility, experience in group dynamics and conflict facilitation; community lifestyles and proven reduced ecological footprint; and its long experience in providing transformative education

The ecovillage is an ideal partner in the creation of practical academic courses taking a truly holistic approach to sustainable development.


There are many opportunities for creative and innovative research at Findhorn, however, we do not currently have the resources to fund or supervise research participants.  We are open to discussing collaboration with institutions or individuals which are able to self-fund.

A full ecological footprint study  of Findhorn Ecovillage was carried out in 2007 and revealed the lowest recorded footprint of any community in the industrialized world.

Findhorn College is The Park's coordinating partner in an exciting EU funded research project aiming to optimising our use of locally generated renewable energy. Eight partners from 5 European countries are working together to create new ways to balance energy demand with renewable energy availability. link -

More about our involvement with the Origin Project

In the future we hope that documenting the outstanding and pioneering work that the Findhorn Foundation ecovillage has undertaken to reduce its ecological footprint and as a socio-ecological experiment in applied sustainability will be a possibility.  We believe that reporting and sharing the technical, quantitative, qualitative and social aspects of the ecovillage’s attempt to transition towards increased sustainability and resilience would be a useful contribution towards sustainability theory and practice.

Please contact us at if you would like more information about academic courses or to arrange a student visit to Findhorn Ecovillage.

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