The Transformation Game® Facilitators Training

20 October – 2 November 2018
27 April – 10 May 2019
19 October – 1 November 2019

Japanese: 9 - 22 March 2019
French: 25 May - 7 June 2019


Would you like to offer Transformation Game workshops professionally? Or to take your Game experience with friends and colleagues to a deeper level? If you are familiar with the Transformation Game and would like to expand your work and relationship with it, this training will give you that opportunity.

This professional course is an exciting opportunity to interact more deeply with the Transformation box Game. It gives you a thorough training in the use of the advanced rules in the Facilitators Manual, which includes expanded options for most of the squares. You have many opportunities to practice and watch facilitation in small supervised sessions. These sessions provide you with constructive personal feedback and support, and an ongoing assessment of competence. Besides the playing sessions there are a number of sessions during the training on special topics.

Throughout the training you will also have plenty of opportunity to play the Transformation Game. The intensive exposure to the Game, both as facilitator and as player, means you can expect to be learning and integrating facilitation skills as well as engaging in your own personal transformation process.

People who successfully complete the training will be accredited by InnerLinks as Transformation Game Facilitators. Accredited facilitators will have the permission of InnerLinks to use the advanced Facilitators Manual, as well as to offer and promote workshops using the Transformation Game name and logo. These are trademarked and copyrighted and only facilitators accredited by InnerLinks have the legal right to use them professionally.

Training fees:†includes tuition, manual, shared accommodation, and full board

We want to ensure that our courses are accessible to people with diverse means.† When you book, please choose the higher, medium or concession rate listed for the course, based on your personal income.†

Cost:†£2465.00 /£2275.00 /£2090.00

The higher fee supports us to support others to attend, and the work of the College†
The middle fee covers the course costs and enables course development
The low fee is minimum for us to provide the course.
Thank you.

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Bookings close two months before the training begins. We then send you the Facilitators Manual, so you have time to familiarise yourself with it and to facilitate some practice Games using it before arriving at the training.

Request your Application information from InnerLinks directly.

Phone InnerLinks: +44 (0)1309 690992

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