Regenerative Culture Repair

Culture Repair: An Exploration of Re-Villaging within our human and natural communities.

29 September - 5 October 2018

Western society has dismantled healthy and meaningful communities into clusters of co-located and disConnected people. Less and less often do we Connect with nature or our neighbours; young people become more alienated and hopeless; working adults struggle with time, stress, and overwork; elders are isolated with no sense of meaningful contribution; business-as-usual extracts natural resources with little thought for the future generations. Rather than sit by and watch our society and Earth further disintegrate, we prefer to empower ourselves to consciously design a more positive future. To address the multi-layered and complex crises of our times, we believe there is need for a new (or perhaps very old) understanding of Culture.

Regenerative Culture Repair Regenerative Culture Repair

We believe culture is a verb, not a noun. We define culture as the practices and processes which create Connection. Traditional cultures evolved over thousands of years; Connecting individuals to meaning and purpose, to each other, and to their place in the web of life. Culture is what kept our ancestors alive: safe from threats, and with meaningful context within their social fabric, local ecology, and the cosmos. Connected cultures also function to bring each person fully into their gifts, genius, and leadership. Recent neuro-biological research shows that humans are hardwired to seek Connection, meaning it is more than possible for Westerners to positively re-member what traditional cultures have known for a long time. By designing with nature's cycles and applying ancient social technologies, we can build Connection back in to western society. We call this process Culture Repair.

In many places culture has been wounded by oppression or deliberate deconstruction, and replaced by the beliefs that money, economic growth, possessions or personal achievement are what provide meaning and happiness. After awakening to the societal habits we've been stuck in, we invite new ways of working together to design and co-create positive change, nurturing and nourishing individuals, communities, and ecosystems.

Regenerative Culture Repair Coach Mentor Training

We ask:

  • How can we can bring our unique gifts alive in each other, in service to future generations?
  • What are the Connective aspects of an emerging culture within the New Story?
  • What challenges do Millennials face, and how can we create meaningful intergenerational understanding and support?
  • How do we face the growing social tensions in our communities and facilitate dialogue across difference?
  • What would you do if you believed your actions were the key to all the positive change you want to see in the world?

On this course, we present a set of ergonomic design principles that can re-harmonize ourselves within our natural and human communities. We invite you to experience and explore these with us, so you can consciously re-design culture successfully in your homes, schools, communities, workplaces, and social settings. We may even discover together new ones which are not in the toolbox yet! This course is for individuals who wants to include coaching skills in their professional portfolio and are looking to take their communication skills to the next level of impact?

As well as learning how to use a range of coaching tools and strategies, you will take a development journey and grow self-awareness that is essential in coaching.

Some of the practical Connective tools we'll take home include:

  • simple appreciations for daily abundance, gratitude, and self-care
  • persuasive, effective, inspirational communication techniques
  • the power of personal stories
  • tips for engaging in dialogs across differences
  • mentoring strategies to support and develop each person's unique genius

We'll pay attention to:

  • the role of historic trauma in sensitivities, preferences, discomfort, and friction
    specific Peace technologies: appreciating, forgiving, and reconciling
  • accepting and carrying responsibility with integrity
  • requesting and receiving support from mentors, anchors, elders, youngers, and peers

Founder of 8 Shields/the Art of Mentoring, and cultural mentoring specialist, Jon Young, will join the course via video link, presenting case studies of successful implementation of these design principles in multiple communities around the world.


Cost 625.00 /690.00/750.00

The fee includes:

  • Course tuition and materials 
  • Accommodation in shared twin rooms ( single room may be available upon request for 20 / night extra )
  • Vegetarian meals

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