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Foundations of Sustainable Living

Fall Semester 13 August – 4 November 2016


Findhorn Rock Overview

In collaboration between Findhorn Foundation College and Antioch Education Abroad, students are immersed in sustainable community studies at The Park - Findhorn, a learning center, eco-settlement, and spiritual community.

Students learn about the integration of human ecology and natural systems as well as creative expression and consensus facilitation through coursework, experiential learning and focused reflection. Guided by Findhorn's values of co-creation with nature, tolerance for diversity and a commitment to peaceful living, students practice mindfulness and examine their place within our world. In addition, students become active contributors to Findhorn's sustainable model, engaging in preparation of communal meals, assisting in the gardens, or performing maintenance tasks. The program's unique interdisciplinary curriculum including Environmental Studies, Psychology, and the Arts, is combined with an anthropological, participant observer approach.

Site Visit to Portugal

The semester includes a one to two week site visit to Tamera Healing Biotope 1, an ecovillage in Portugal. Tamera focuses on political environmental activism, providing a contrasting model to Findhorn, which focuses on embodying sustainability within oneself and community.

Principles of the Ecovillage: Respecting Planetary Limits
Taught by resident faculty Lisa Mead
Exploring the successes and challenges of the ecovillage model in Findhorn, students examine core theoretical and practical aspects of eco-settlement living. From a whole systems perspective, students study a range of alternative approaches to land stewardship, economics, waste management and the provision of shelter, energy, food and transport. Additionally, students deepen their awareness of the complexity of meeting human needs and the systemic changes that are required to facilitate radical societal transformation.

Worldviews through Mindfulness: Subtle Activism
Taught by resident Faculty, Momie Cain and visiting faculty

Through a sustained process of self-development including daily practice, guided reflection assignments, readings and tutorials, students learn to mobilize their deep inner resources by applying their awareness to the interplay of life at Findhorn. Course faculty guide students to examine elements that inform their worldviews in relationship to culture, diversity, peace, and resilience. The mindfulness approach embedded in this course offers a skills-based and philosophical means to cultivating awareness of subjective and relational experience.
Creative Expression through the Arts: Exploring Sustainability
Taught by resident faculty Lisa Shaw
Led by a practicing artist and Findhorn Foundation College instructor, students work with a variety of media in this course, including drawing, sculpture, drama, and dance. Throughout the semester, students develop a portfolio of expressive artworks. The course approaches art as a tool to engage with, process and integrate the experiential dynamics of living and learning in community. Examples of creative expression that explores sustainability include: photographs and models of the potential impacts of dispersing seeds on a debris island; designing and creating new clothing from recycled items; or writing short stories that examine sustainability themes.
Group Dynamics: Beyond Conflict
Taught by resident Faculty Dr. Gill Emslie
In this course, the theory of transpersonal psychology and sociology is drawn on to inform the practice of social relationships at all levels of interaction—interpersonal, intrapersonal, inter-communal and global. Through theory and practice, students develop skills in observation of group dynamics and individual behavior, as well as practical tools for effective communication and group facilitation. Students will gain experience in identifying the specific roles commonly held in groups, and will develop skills to become more effective in-group settings.

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